About Us

On the 24th of October, 1941, fifty representatives from twenty two lithographic plants held the inaugural meeting in the Hartford Gas Company Building in Hartford, Conn.

The Charter members selected the appropriate name “The Connecticut Valley Litho Club”. Its primary purpose was to increase the knowledge of its members and solve their lithographic problems, through open discussions at each convening meeting.

Anthony DiNicola of the A. D. Steinbach Company, who spent considerable time over a period of months, to make the meeting a reality, was appointed temporary chairman. Frank Holloway of the General Printing Co. was voted as temporary secretary and. Frederic Kendall was named temporary treasurer.

The Following executive board was appointed by the Chairman, Anthony DiNicola:
Larry Grenman
Ralph Rich
Clifford DuBray
J. Robert De Voie
Frank Holloway
Frederic Kendall
Anthony DiNicola
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Rich Lithograph Co.
Brooks Bank Note
General Printing Co.
Kellog and Buckley Co.
General Printing Co.
A .D. Steinbach Co

The purpose of this newly appointed executive board, was to draw up a set of by-laws” for this newly formed Club, to be presented for approval at the next meeting. A one dollar membership fee was agreed upon and was paid by forty-eight of those present. Temporary Vice-Chairman Ralph Rich also suggested the following:

  1. The Club will hold four meetings a year, one every two months, excluding the summer months.
  2. The one dollar fee paid would act as an initiation fee and would entitle one to membership until Jan. 1, 1942.
  3. (Annual dues would be four dollars, payable Jan. 1, 1942 and would entitle one to the ensuing 12 months.
  4. Notes of each meeting would be summarized, copied and distributed to the members.
  5. Undecided whether or not to have experienced men present at meetings as speakers and if so – how often.

The CVLC was founded in 1941 with the help of many printers, suppliers and craftsmen. This organization is dedicated to the education of itís members and of the younger generation coming into the industry. Our club has grown and prospered through these years because of the excellent leadership of past Board of Governors. We thank all that have come before us and† we hope to continue in their footsteps.

We always have our Clambake in September. We have scholarships available for undergraduates who are pursuing careers in the printing industry, web design or any other category that is related to our industry. Please view the Application Forms section of our website for an application and guidelines.